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Remember the mid to late 1930's?  Jews and other undesirables were systematically rounded up, day after day, night after night. They were told to quickly grab a few things and get out! All this is ours now. Property, possessions, businesses, bank accounts, etc. all were handed over to other like minded individuals. These "people?" would simply move in as if it had been their very own. Wearing their clothes, eating their food, enjoying their furnishings. All the things that these folks had worked for all their lives. Or even for generations. Just stolen. Gone with the stroke of a pen and a bang on the door.

But wait...this created a problem. A question...what do we do with all these vermin. We cant allow them to exist here among us. Manipulating us and influencing our precious children...So the newly removed were herded into the Ghettos and locked in. Day after day and night after night. More and more they came as the collections increased. And although they were undesirables, they weren't so undesirable as to be allowed to leave. After all, they might be able to find peace and happiness somewhere else and no civilized person wants to see that. We'll just keep them here, stuffed into their cages...maybe they'll all just wither and die and the problem will take care of itself. Well It didn't!!!! And we all know what happened next.

But just about ten years later, everything changed...Or did it?

I was gonna talk about what's been happening from about 1947 onward (almost 70 YEARS now) but then it occurred to me that I just did. Because its, essentially, the same story...but with roles shifted around. Now the innocent victims have become the vicious hunters...Hunting their own innocent victims. Tormenting and terrorizing. Like rabid dogs.

When hypocrisy grows to racism and terrorism and mass murder, those responsible need to be offended, not defended. Denounced and ridiculed. And HELD ACCOUNTABLE!

If there's to be no true, physical sovereign state of Palestine...then DEATH TO THE STATE OF ISRAEL is the only solution...

To paraphrase good ol phony mccain...Bomb, bomb, bomb...bomb, Israel...hehe

I know it doesn't have the exact rhyme or cadence that mccains version has, but the sentiment is still the same...its just that the people that would be blown to bits that have been changed.

and while I'm at it...bomb, bomb, bomb...bomb, john mccain...that sounds like such a good song... ~( :



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